from colour-phoebe to colour-fiend.

13 Aug 2016, Posted by alanacherneck_0 in Uncategorized

I didn’t always love colour. My husband used to tease me that he felt like he was living on a black + white TV set. I wanted to be safe. I stuck to neutrals: greys, blacks, whites. How can one go wrong with those? Monochrome is all the rage, right? Fast forward five years, and I meet Chandra Kremski. Uber-talented local artist and entrepreneur. We commissioned her to paint a huge 8×4 foot canvas  (pictured above) that would impact the rest of the design decisions in our new home.  Her painting was the impetus for my love of colour. After this piece was executed, I looked at life with different eyes. Colour EVERYWHERE.

This is my signature style. White walls, splashes of bold colour, organic textures. The key is to have those in balance so not to overwhelm the senses. Children LOVE colour. (Just think of the last time your kid chose a donut).


Children are FULL of colour. Why not create an environment that speaks to your child: engages her, inspires her, excites her? Through careful + thoughtful selection of materials, books + furnishings, this can be executed on ANY budget. We only live once, why not LIVE OUT LOUD?


Brillante_145 copy (1)

Brillante_074 copy (1)


Brillante_110 copy (1)

ps. here is a bad photo taken of my colour-dotted home office. see what i mean?

FullSizeRender (4)




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