Time for Play E-Guide

30 Days of teacher-approved, simple play prompts for your 2-9 year old, using toys and materials you already own.

What you get:

  • An easy to use menu of 30 “Play Recipes” you can set up for your child, for them to play independently
  • Starting prompt (What you can say – or write – to invite your child in to the imaginary world)
  • Teacher tips and suggestions to get your started

E-Guide: Play

Your kids will learn to:

  • get creative and use their imaginations
  • develop independence and responsibility
  • enjoy learning and exploring
  • stop begging for screen time
  • learn problem-solving skills

play dough + loose parts


“Love all of these play prompts! Reading them all reminded me just how much I LOVE to play!” – Melissa, Play Therapist

I just wanted to say thank you…! Here’s a pic of my daughters playing birthday party, now for three hours and counting!” – Jolene, Mom

“I got so many great ideas from you!” – Vanessa, Mom