*Alana straddles the line between education and design.

A mom of three, with over ten years of teaching experience in Winnipeg’s public schools, she discovered early on the importance of creating a learning environment that was both stimulating and calm, clean and colourful, engaging and organized.

Her first experiment in design was born when she transformed her drab and dull inner city classroom into an inspiring and playful space that was admired by students, colleagues and parents alike.  Alana’s work is deeply influenced by the teachings of Reggio Emilia, Italy – an approach to education which considers the environment as the child’s third teacher. She believes that children not only deserve an inspiring space in which to live, learn and play, but actually require this space in order to live up to their creative and productive potential.

Alana holds a Master’s degree in Arts Education, has served on several curriculum writing committees, and has and facilitated workshops at the local, national and international level for hundreds of educators, parents and administrators.

Alana finds joy in weaving the elements of art and design into her practice as a mother, homemaker and teacher daily.  She finds energy in creating special spaces and engaging learning experiences for others.

Alana has a keen eye for design and having worked with children for over two decades, has garnered a deep understanding for what motivates, inspires and engages children.  From carefully selecting materials that foster curiosity to arranging spaces that promote independence and cooperative learning, Alana is a master of nurturing children’s deep thinking and creativity.

teacher-curated designs for living and learning.