October 2017

Restorative Practices for Families

25 Oct 2017, Posted by alanacherneck_0 in Uncategorized

Last week, I shared how our family uses a Talking Stick as a communication tool within our family’s sharing circle. I am so excited to share with you, guest blogger Courtney Harris, who walks us through the importance of this restorative practice. In this post, Courtney shares a bit about the benefits of using a sharing circle within the family, and a practical “how-to” approach for families wanting to implement the idea, in order to deepen communication and trust with one another. Courtney is a WEALTH of knowledge, and I encourage you to join her private Facebook Group for insights and advice on deepening connections with your kids. Welcome Courtney! (more…)

Talking Sticks + Sharing Circles

11 Oct 2017, Posted by alanacherneck_0 in Uncategorized

Does your family have meetings

When I was a teacher, we began every Monday morning with a class meeting.

The format was a Sharing Circle. 

Each child had the opportunity to share their voice in the circle, without interruption, anything that was on their mind.


Muffin Tin Mandalas

03 Oct 2017, Posted by alanacherneck_0 in Uncategorized

Fall is here! We love it!

Yesterday, I took the girls for a Fall Walk.

We carried a muffin tin, in order to collect {and sort} our fall treasures.  {I set this up as one of our #afterschoolinvitations – more on this idea in another post!}