May 2017

the fairy project

18 May 2017, Posted by alanacherneck_0 in Uncategorized

Our girls have long had a fascination with fairies. So after reading Home, by Carson Ellis, a charming book that explores the idea of non-traditional dwellings, and the inhabitants that live within them; we decided to investigate homes for fairies, and explore ways to attract them.

The girls built an open-style teepee, wrapped with colourful fabric scraps. I had purchased bamboo garden poles from the Dollar Store for $1.25 each, and the girls carefully covered the poles to make them attractive to the fairies.

Next, I bound the poles together at the top to secure it.  The girls decided we needed “Fairy Traps” and “Fairy Bait” to attract the fairies to their new home.

We used wooden beads and wire to create inviting sculptures, and hung them all over the Fairy House.

Next, we brainstormed a list, and Emily used her “invented spelling” to generate a list of items that needed to be offered to the fairies. The list was very simple:

  • Food (carrots)
  • Bucket (for water)

Here is a printable writing prompt to use with your kids.  {Kids LOVE writing lists, and it’s a great way to promote writing}. I don’t force conventional spelling; instead I have them draw pictures {which I label}, or we use the beginning and ending sounds for emergent writers.

Emily also wrote a letter to the fairies, welcoming them to their new home.

That night, I sprinkled glitter all around the fairy house. Their reaction the next morning, when they confirmed that the fairies had indeed come, was PRICELESS.

The Fairy Project is an example of a mini-inquiry where Language Arts (reading and writing) and Science (structures) were woven into a magical exploration. When the girls are naturally intrigued and curious about something, I try to weave in learning concepts in an meaningful, connected and authentic way. In this way, learning is natural,  fun and exciting.  After all, don’t we ALL want to learn more about what we’re naturally curious about?

I invite you to share your thoughts on this mini-inquiry, and how you build writing into your child’s day. What are YOUR kids interested in that could lead to fun multi-dimensional projects?