March 2017

the hair chair: girls’ hair done easy!

30 Mar 2017, Posted by alanacherneck_0 in Uncategorized

Moms of girls! Do you struggle with doing your girl’s hair every day? Do you have to chase your toddler/preschooler/school-age daughter around the house so that you can simply tie her hair in a presentable fashion before she leaves the house? This was a daily episode over here, x3. My middle child explains she has “golden locks” and that is why she is so sensitive to the brush (loathes having her hair done.) My oldest “just likes it this way” (aka in her eyes); and my youngest is like a whirling dervish, never to sit still for anything. Enter: THE HAIR CHAIR. For those of you lucky enough to have a home built in the 80’s with a built-in telephone desk (you know, the kind with room for a chair under it, and drawers for phone books?) I have the BEST solution.

I bought a rolling height-adjustable stool (moves up and down like in a salon).  This allows even my youngest to sit high enough so I don’t have to crouch down.

Next, you will need a laptop, iPad or other entertainment device. This is critical. If you want 5 minutes of uninterrupted, non-complaining hair-do time, you must give your child permission to PLUG IN. We love the odd video, PBS Kids video game, or YouTube blind-bag unveiling (the commercialism honestly make me sick to my stomach, but I allow it for the really rough knot-combing sessions).

Finally, desk-organizer storage. Available at the Dollar Store or Walmart, buy an organizer or some baskets that are slim enough to be placed in the drawers.

I have three baskets in my drawer.  1. BOWS, BARETTES, and BOBBY PINS. 2. BRUSHES + COMBS. 3. ELASTICS.

Stock + label these. I go to Dollarama every couple of months to restock these. The key is having a large supply.

You’re all set! Do you struggle with doing your kids’ hair? What are some of your tried + true strategies? I’d love to hear!

Art cards

In this post, I will share how our girls mass-produce these beautiful “Art Cards” which I keep handy for all the parties.

Every birthday party that rolls around, I feel like I’m scrambling. The gifts. The wrapping. The taxi-ing around to all the party locations. With three kids, we get invited to MANY parties.  I am trying to build my birthday “stock” (a dedicated shelf in our basement where I store all the great finds I got on sale… but the struggle to stay on top of it is real!) Usually, last minute, the girls are ALSO scrambling to make a card for their friend. And usually, this involves a sheet of construction paper (if we’re lucky), and a simple message and picture (if we have time!) in marker or crayon.  I absolutely HATE spending money on commercial cards. Not only are they incredibly expensive; they are so un-environmental and impersonal. I cannot justify paying $7.95 for a card with a message written by a STRANGER, that the recipient will probably just TOSS or RECYCLE the next week!

I started making handmade cards with the girls when they were very young (1.5 years old). While it was very much about “process,” I would take their work and cut+ arrange it charmingly on cardstock, including their name + date. Recipients were always so appreciative of the time + thought that went into these handmade cards, and would often keep them as mini art pieces. (My mom still has hers displayed on the fridge!)

art cards

We’ve gotten a bit more creative with our art cards, but the process is basically the same. We mass-produce dozens at a time (in stages), and then we have a stock to choose from when birthday parties roll around.  I store them in the cupboard with my party-supplies (gift wrap, bows, etc.) so they’re ready to go when we are.

art cards

Watch the video to see what our process looks like. {this is my FIRST video tutorial…bare with me! they can only get better, right?}

You will need:

  • watercolour paper
  • liquid watercolour
  • salt
  • paint brushes
  • water (to wet watercolour paper, and for rinsing brushes)
  • glue gun
  • colourful cardstock
  • embellishments (beads, buttons, sequins, gems…)

art cards

  1. Tape your watercolour paper to workspace (frame around the outside, and then tape 6-8 “compartments.”
  2. Wet the paper (either a spray bottle, or a big brush).
  3. Add your watercolour and watch the colours dance!
  4. Sprinkle with a bit of salt (this is optional, but creates a really cool effect kids love)
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. Remove tape. This will give you a beautiful, crisp edge to your mini art cards.
  7. Add embellishments: buttons, sequins, gems…anything that sparkles or shines or adds interest. I allow the girls to use a low-temp hot glue gun, because I believe them to be strong, able and full of potential, and with proper instruction, capable of using a variety of “adult” tools.
  8. Cut your cards to size, and layer them over colourful cardstock. This adds another layer, and is your border. Mount the art pieces to a pre-folded white card (white cardstock works well).
  9. Have your child sign their creation.

art cards

Watch the Video Tutorial: