July 2016


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Hello. My name is Alana Chernecki, and I am the principal + founder of a boutique design studio called *Brillante.  I am an interior stylist + curator, specializing in children’s spaces. I was a teacher for over ten years, am a mom-of-three darling girls, and have a love of art + design – in particular, interiors.  *Brillante is an intersection of these three worlds.

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I used to be a colour-phoebe. Now I am a colour-fiend.
  2. I usually write everything in small-caps, and like to right-justify everything. (Except my Master’s Thesis, and other things that have to be “proper.”) It feels odd using proper punctuation.
  3. I mix high + low. I love organic + modern, clean + colourful spaces.
  4. My hairstyle is called:  “I have kids.”
  5. I like walls the way I like my toes. Painted neutral + white.
  6. I have a size 12 shoe. Which makes it very difficult {+ expensive} to find shoes. This has caused a bit of a shoe hoarding problem for me.
  7. I love baskets + jars for storing everything. From our girls’ toys, art supplies, to jewelry + makeup – baskets + containers are beautiful!
  8. I love sleep. But my nights are like an old Family Circus cartoon. Dotted lines leading all over the house, room-to-room, bed-to-bed. This is life with young children. And I am working to embrace it. I have an incredibly supportive husband, who tag-teams with me to share in these nighttime “chasing” duties.
  9. I have been a stay-at-home-mom for over six years now, and am excited to begin my newest chapter as a “work-at-home-mom.” I feel unstoppable, and despite challenges + obstacles I continue to face, feel like I was born to do this: my path has led me right here.
  10. I believe in creating beautiful spaces for children. Not only because they deserve a beautiful environment, but because children thrive there.

xx Alana